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Business History
1. How long have you been established?
2. What type of business establishment do you have?
3. Are compressed air products your main line of bBusiness?
4. What is your customer portfolio? Do you have any areas of concentration regarding industrial sectors?
Product Range
5.Do you have any other compressor brands in your portfolio? If yes, which ones?
6. What other product ranges do you currently distribute?
Regional Coverage
7. Which regions do you cover for compressed air business?
8.Which regions do you cover for other product ranges?
9. How many staff do you have, in which functions and at which Llocations? (Whitecollar And Bluecollar)
10. How does your sales operation work? (e.g. Are your sales people employed by your company or are they independent agents?)
11. Do you have any salesteam specifically for the compressed air business?
12. What back-up/technical services are offered?
13. Does your company have servicemen capable of servicing air compressors? If yes, how many?
14. Do you carry spares and replacement parts?
15. Do you deal with faulty goods / warranties?
16. What office/storage/distribution/manufacturing facilities do you have? Do you own or rent them?
17. How do you promote your business? (Please attach examples)
18. What type of advertising pr do you engage in? (Please attach examples)
Please explain in detail why you think you will be successful marketing our products in your market?
What are the internal and external obstacles for your potential success?
Thank you for filling out this form

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