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Compressed Air Filters

Low & Medium Capacity Compressed Air Filters

Busy with cleaning the air. 

Preferred choice for quality downstream compressed air without dust, oil or oil vapor particles.

Cartridge-type compressed air filters which filter oil, oil vapor and dust particles; depending of air quality class. They contain multi layers and have wide area of filtration, manufactured in high standards. It is recommended that these compressed air filters are utilized before and after compressed air dryers. cdf series product range conforms to "pressure equipments directive (97/23 ce) and air purity guideline (iso 8573.1-1:2010).

Filter types and sensitivities: 

  • Rm: 10 micron dust sensitivity, 15 ppm oil sensitivity (before dryer)
  • Rb: 1 micron dust sensitivity, 0.1 ppm oil sensitivity (before dryer)
  • Ra: 0.01 micron dust sensitivity, 0.01 ppm oil sensitivity (after dryer)
  • Ca: 0.003 ppm oil vapor sensitivity (after dryer)
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