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Electric Turbo Compressors

Electric Turbo Compressors

Ahead of the game.

Hanwha power systems turbo compressors are ready to bring you to the future.

Features and advantages of the system

  • High performance compressor technology based on jet engine experience
  • Higher energy savings with unique control command technology: IGV (inlet guide vane) adapts to the compressed air demand
  • Oilfree compressed air with 4 stage secure sealing system (labyrinth / carbon seal combination)
  • Optimum & modular design concept for installation*, maintenance and operation
  • Trouble free operation system for the ease of maintenance: Horizontally separated gearbox and practically replacable coolers
  • No special foundation required sound and vibration isolated canopy
  • Wide, touch screen and color lcd display
  • Control command option over internet by hmi remote control system

* “Plug & play” concept

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