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Electric Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Compressors

Electric Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Compressors - Robot 250-432 DAC

Energy saving solutions for large facilities.

The most professional and efficient player in its class is on the field.

Screw block
The screw blocks purpose is to compress the air between the lobes of the male & female rotors. The block includes oil-injection cooled, lubricated and sealed compression chamber. Power transmission from electric motor to compression element is achieved by toothed v-belts with trouble-free automatic belt tensioning system, which provides correct tension during all phases of operation; thus minimum slip and high efficiency. All anti-friction bearings have been designed for power transmission by v-belts.

Fail safe system (fss): a possible radial seal damage in the screw can be very harmful in terms of uncontrolled oil leakage, cleaning problems and production breakdown. With this special system of shaft seal design in robot 250-432 dac series, the leaked oil eliminates oil leakage from the housing, thus saving money and time for the user.

Integrated design: oil filter and thermostatic bypass valve are integrated into the screw block. This modular concept design makes the screw block more compact; thus less parts and easier to maintain.

Electronic control system
all robot 250-432 dac series compressors are equipped with seltronik microprocessor electronic control systems. This control system' purpose is to protect the compressor unit (fault detection), to show service periods as well as providing the user with status indication. All operational control parameters are easily attainable. The controller has an rs485 communication port. The control panel, on the compressor, has a clearly-arranged custom backlit lcd digital display.

Switch cabinet
It is integrated into the canopy and contains star-delta contactor combination, fan contactor, motor protection switch and fuses, control transformer (24v), emergency stop switch, on / off key, control board (cpu), led display board.

Electric motor
The electric motors' range is 132 kw thru 250 kw in robot 250-432 dac series compressors. They are all squirrel cage induction motors which are t.e.f.c, enclosure class ip55 and insulation class f. The motors run on 380 v, 3 phases, 50 hz and 1500 rpm.

The main electric motors purpose is to drive the compression element (screw) at a pre-specified pressure to attain the demanded compressed air delivery. The electric motor runs via star-delta mode through main, star and delta contactors.

Mounting and canopy
Two-chamber design: the canopy is divided into hot area (radiator side) and cold air area (screw block side) for more efficient cooling; thus low system temperature and compressed air temperatures.

Self-supporting, noise and vibration-insulated canopy with side panels allows for maintenance and service work. the noise levels of robot 250-432 series compressors are according to cagi pneurop pn8ntc2 standards.

Cooling and ventilation
largely dimensioned, lightweight aluminum oil/air cooler combinations with extended surface area and axial fans are incorporated into the canopy for efficient cooling & ventilation, even in high ambient temperatures.

Highly efficient air intake, oil (integrated to screw block), separator filters ensure long service life.

Oil separation
The air/oil receiver is corrosion-protected and contains separator to utilize cyclonic effect of the air/oil mixture, which is discharged from the screw block.

Oil circuit
Oils purpose is multifunctional in the compressor unit; namely: to cool, seal and lubricate. the oil circuit is entirely designed for operational reliability. thermostatic bypass valve, integrated to the screw block, ensures temperature control of the circulating oil in order not to damage the screw block.

Unit color
Ral 5001 green blue.

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