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Patek Philippe began from 1839 let's start, by which 173 years lengthy years, Patek Philippe have stuck Yulv what value it's today Ling must accomplishments ? Let us backtrack Patek Philippe 173 -year history , counting time between circulation password.

Independence, innovation creation is definitely follow Patek Philippe important value . Within the seventies , having a strong feeling of the timepiece industry pioneer , Patek Philippe released probably the most classic series : Golden Ellipse. In 1976, inspired through the old sea-going ships porthole Nautilus series, once available, will end up one of avant-garde design . The year after, about this basis , Patek Philippe released rubber strap indicated Aquanaut series, leisure series adds sports fashion watch style.

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Patek Philippe is dedicated to creating a unique style , which produced types of watches could be categorized into five groups : Fake Patek Philippe Calatrave Series Classical sheet ,Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus series sports watch , Golden Ellipse series watches , Flamme series Gondolo watches women's table and , most table were duly The Geneva Seal, that is a top quality internal operating areas of the tag.

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